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Having trouble with a cell phone or tablet? Don not worry!!! We provide professional and affordable cell phone and tablet repair services in Orlando, Florida. All Cell Repairs provides but is not limited to the following services Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Samsung Repair, Motorola Repair, LG Repair, Blackberry Repair, HTC Repair and iPhone Repair. Our user-friendly staff crew is always committed to providing highly customer service orientated services to cell phone and tablet repair such as cell phone screen, cracked screen, and water damage repairs, software restoring rooting, roming, and many more.

Apart from iPhone screen repair, Samsung screen repair, Motorola screen repair, LG screen repair, Blackberry screen repair and HTC screen repair we also handle all types of iPod screen repair, iPad screen repair and Tablet screen repair. Whether your cell phone damage is a cracked screen, water damage, bricked, in recovery mode, broken glass, white screen, cracked lcd or any other damage to your cell phone or tablet of simple or complex nature, ‘All Cell Repairs’ can easily and quickly fix it. Either use our mail in service or stop by our shop for your free electronics diagnosis in Orlando, Florida anytime for quick and friendly service.

Laptops and Desktops are complex machines that need time-to-time tuning and repairing to work faster with full efficiency. Besides physical damage your Laptop or Desktop is also prone towards millions of threats arising and spreading continuously from worldwide through internet. ‘All Cell Repairs’ is always ready to provide comprehensive Laptop and Desktop repair services for all models of Laptops and Desktops.

Some of our most popular Computer repairs include cracked computer LCD screen repair, computer water damage repair, computer keyboard repair, computer mouse and trackpad replacement, computer hard drive repair/upgrade, computer CD and DVD drive repair, new batteries for your computer and even memory upgrades. Avail the professional yet affordable Computer repair services of ‘All Cell Repairs’ by today.

macbook pro cracked screen
Sony PS4 Repair | Replacment

Worried about the excess use of your video gaming consoles! Remember that your system is ultimately going to crash. Fortunately, ‘All Cell Repairs’ is always ready to provide professional yet affordable gaming console repair services such as back up and running within no time at all. Some of our specialties in repairing gaming consoles include CD, DVD and Blue Ray drive repairs, computer modding, jailbreaking and red ring of death. So, don’t hesitate to contact ‘All Cell Repairs’ in Orlando, Florida for any assistance in Wii, XBox and PS3 Repair.

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About Us

All Cell Repairs is headquartered in Central Florida, USA. We take pride in providing all possible types of repair services for personal electronics, as well as accessories for a range of electronic devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, Smartphones, computers, laptops, & game consoles. We are always committed to providing professionalism in our work, superior quality products, and fast & reliable services. We give personal attention to each and every customer, and understand the importance of your repair.

We are always committed to providing professionalism in our work, superior quality products, and fast, reliable services. We have the expertise and staff to service hundreds of devices, but small enough to give personal attention to each & every customer.

We are an industry leader in repairing a wide range of models/versions of iPhones and Smartphones, iPods, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop PCs, and Game Consoles at the lowest possible price. We can provide replacement of damaged or broken parts. We specialize in repairing all models of iPhone such as iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4GS, or 5, 6, 6s, and can always service the latest model – OR the older models.

Some of our highly appreciated services in the industry include iPhone glass replacement, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone screen replacement, and many more. Our iPhone glass replacement service can inject a new life into the iPhones with smashed or cracked glass screen. We are always staffed with skilled & certified repair technicians that can fix all possible issues of your iPhone.

Our iPhone battery replacement is another popular service that can provide powerful & long lasting battery for your iPhone. Battery failure is one of the most common problem that arise due to overcharging, leading to power issues that will get worse over time. Battery replacement will be necessary if your Apple logo fades in and out when iPhone is plugged in or when your iPhone needs to be charged after every couple of hours.

Our iPhone LCD screen replacement is another very common service. If  the LCD screen of your iPhone is displaying color issues, or vertical/horizontal lines, or even bleeding than LCD replacement is the only option left to recover the functioning of your device. Once the installation of new iPhone screen is completed, we never forget to test all functions of your iPhone before shipping it back to you.

  • Lightning Fast Service

    Not only do we have the best prices in town, but since we do so many repairs we employ some of the fastest repair professionals in the industry. Most of our common walk in repairs are done within 15 minutes and our common mail in repairs are return shipped the same day. You won’t find a faster turnaround time in the industry.

  • Cost Vs. Quality

    In today’s economy many people are choosing professional electronics repair specialists strictly based on price. Unfortunately, some repair facilities believe that if they charge their customer are entitled to less value and less professionalism. At All Cell Repairs we pride ourselves on quality repairs done at a price conscious rate. With thousands of positive customer reviews, accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, and the increased quantity of your electronics collection, All Cell Repairs is a name you will come to rely on for your electronics repair.

  • Parts and Labor Guaranteed

    If for some reason you are experiencing issues due to the repair we did or the parts we used during your repair experience simply contact us within 90 days and we will correct the problem or issue you a full refund. Guaranteed!!!

  • Personalized Experience

    At All Cell Repairs your entire experience will be based around your needs. We will listen to the problems you are experiencing with your device. Analyze them in a very timely manner and get back to you with a repair estimate. Then schedule the repair around your schedule. At All Cell Repairs your worries become ours. We work hard to stick to the principles that have made us successful. If you have any concerns or just need some advice feel free to contact us during our normal business hours at 407-888-2400.

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