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handheld devicesCell Phone Repair | Tablet Repair

Having trouble with a cell phone or tablet? Don’t worry!!! We provide professional and affordable cell phone repair services and tablet repair services in Orlando, Florida. All Cell Repairs provides but is not limited to the following services Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Samsung Repair, Motorola Repair, LG Repair, Blackberry Repair, HTC Repair and iPhone Repair. Our user-friendly staff crew is always committed to providing highly customer service orientated services to cell phone repair and tablet repair such as cell phone screen repair, cracked screen repair, water damage repair, software restoring rooting, roming, and many more. Apart from iPhone screen repair, Samsung scree repair, Motorola screen repair, LG screen repair, Blackberry screen repair and HTC screen repair we also handle all types of iPod screen repair, iPad screen repair and Tablet screen repair. Whether your cell phone damage is a cracked screen, water damage, bricked, in recovery mode, broken glass, white screen, cracked lcd or any other damage to your cell phone or tablet of simple or complex nature, ‘All Cell Repairs’ can easily and quickly fix it. Either use our mail in service or stop by our shop for electronics repair in Orlando, Florida anytime for quick and friendly service.

Laptops and DesktopsLaptop Repair & Desktop Repair

Laptops and Desktops are complex machines that need time-to-time tuning and repairing to work faster with full efficiency. Besides physical damage your Laptop or Desktop is also prone towards millions of threats arising and spreading continuously from worldwide through internet. ‘All Cell Repairs’ is always ready to provide comprehensive Laptop repair and Desktop repair services for all models of Laptops and Desktops. Some of our most popular Computer repairs include cracked LCD screen repair, water damage repair, keyboard repair, mouse and trackpad replacement, hard drive repair/upgrade, CD and DVD drive repair, new batteries and even memory upgrades. Avail the professional yet affordable Computer repair services of ‘All Cell Repairs’ by today.

Game Consoles

Game Consoles Repair

Enthusiastic about excess use of your video gaming consoles! Remember that your system is ultimately going to crash. Fortunately, ‘All Cell Repairs’ is always ready to provide professional yet affordable gaming console repair services such as back up and running within no time at all. Some of our specialties in repairing gaming consoles include CD, DVD and Blue Ray drive repairs, computer modding, jailbreaking and red ring of death. So, don’t hesitate to contact ‘All Cell Repairs’ in Orlando, Florida for any assistance in Wii Repair, XBox Repair and PS3 Repair.

lightning fast service

Lightning Fast Service

‘All Cell Repairs’ is committed to provide one of the fastest repairing services as compared to the original manufacturers and our industry competitors due to the presence of our skilled and experienced repair professionals. Most of the common walk-in repairs are performed within few minutes and our common mail-in repairs are return shipped within the same day. ‘All Cell Repairs’ can easily and quickly fix your wide range of electronics.