Amazing Tips and Trick for iPhone users

Do you really know your iPhone? Do you really know what your iPhone can do for you? To be exact, we can say that you may not be sure about what kinds of wonders your iPhone can do for you. We, Asllcellrepairs, a company for iPhone repair in Orlando and other items, presents you a list of such tricks and Tips. With some of the features, you are missing out while using an iPhone, this iPhone repair Orlando Company has done all research to present you with the tips and tricks on the best use.

Here are the tips:

Screenshot: One function, which you always look for the instant, while you are using your phone and wish you, could have taken a screenshot of something you looked at your phone. For, this moment, press the home button and press your off/on button in a simultaneous way, in order to take a screenshot of whatever you see on your phone.

Mute lock or screen lock: On the advice of iPhone repair Orlando, we assure you that this trick may not be in use by many. The button, which is used for locking screen can also be used as a mute button. Change the default setting of the button present at the right side of the phone and convert it for mute purpose.

Search by swiping: Just swipe from left to right on the home screen and you will get a search box, where you can type your app’s name and find its availability on your iPhone.

Websites reading can be easy: Just click on button famously called as reader button and find the url bar at the top, which is much clearer in appearance and thus gives you better reading chance with no ads.

Scroll up: Just tap on the status bar. You must know about status bar. For those, who don’t know, this iPhone repair Orlando will explain you; Status bar is the place where battery life is displayed on the screen. Just tap there and you will jump to the top of the screen. Thus, you can give rest to your fingers.

For the sake of all our readers, we,, an iPhone repair Orlando Company, always try to come across several different tips and tricks for help and convenience. We are the best repair places, for all the phones either it is iPhones or other phones and you can visit us for all kinds of troubles and guides.