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  • PS3 Blu Ray Drive Replacement


    Is the Blu Ray Drive in your Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) not reading the disc adequately? Or if Sony PS3 Blu Ray Disk Drive is damaged, or cracked, or jammed, or stuck, or malfunctioning, or died, or freezing up during a game, or not recognizing games, or unable to eject a disc, or displaying error code 80010514 or 80029906 on the screen during playback!! Don’t worry. All Cell Repairs is the right place with the availability of complete & perfect solutions to repair or replace defective Sony PlayStation PS3 Blu Ray disk drive player of your game console. Our gaming console repair division is an active division that is involved in the storage & installation of brand new, superior quality & durable PS3 Blu Ray drive player for your PS3 game console. We never support self-installation of Sony PlayStation 3 Blu Ray disc player by watching videos and/or reading guides. We are PS3 repair specialist that can quickly fix PS3 Blu Ray player issues for you.

    All Cell Repairs is an industry leader for providing all possible types of PS3 repair services at cost effective price. Our knowledgeable & experienced PS3 repair technicians can quickly swap the Blu-ray drive board from the old & defective drive board & then install the brand new & PS3’s motherboard specific PS3 Blu Ray drive in your gaming console. We are committed to provide extraordinary fitting & finishing services that will meet or even exceed your expectations. We offer 90 days money back guarantee on the replaced Blu-ray disc player of your Sony PlayStation 3.

    We invite you to access our cost effective walk-in repair services for Sony PS3 Blu Ray Drive replacement service at our PS3 repair workshop in Orlando, FL. We offer a number of user-friendly shipping options for you to make our safe & secure mail-in process as fast as possible. You can select the mail-in option of your choice and mail your Sony PlayStation 3 to our repair workshop. Once your PS3 is received, we will replace blu-ray optical disc immediately and then send it to you as early as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your queries!