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4 Best Ways To Have your iPhone Repaired

It can happen so easily and in a split second, too. breaking or shattering your beloved iPhone or iPad screen is an all too common occurrence and happens to the best of us. So, what are your best options when it comes to repairing your Apple device? Let’s take a look at a scenario of someone living in Orlando and see what the 4 best ways to have your iPhone repaired would be…

1) Have it repaired at Apple.

If your iPhone, iPod or iPhone is still under warranty, you could take it into your closest Apple store. However, be warned! Repairs at the Apple store are definitely your most expensive option, with a screen replacement only for an iPhone 5 costing well above USD 300. Note that it costs more for successive models.


2) AppleCare.

If you have purchased AppleCare (which covers you for accidental damage) with your device, you could have your iPhone repaired this way. Be advised, though, in addition to the USD100 that you pay for taking out AppleCare, you will be charged around USD60 for the repair and you are also limited to 2 repairs for the device’s lifespan.


3) Take your device to a reputable Apple dealer or store.

This is probably your best option as there are many great stores that offer excellent iPhone repair in Orlando, iPad repair in Orlando and general cell phone repair in Orlando. They will be able to fix your device as well as (or even better!) than the Apple store and at a fraction of the price. iPhone screen repair services by a recommended phone repair store is definitely the way to go when it comes to Apple devices!


4) Repair the device yourself.

While this is obviously the cheapest option when it comes to phone repair in Orlando, it is by far the trickiest and most difficult. If you have an iPhone 5, it is probably slightly easier to replace your display assembly. However, the replacement parts can still be expensive and you may struggle to find them.