Tips for water damaged cell phones


Do you have a water damaged phone? Here at All Cell Repairs we see a lot of different issues with our customers cell phones. Two of the most popular reasons customers come to see us are either to fix a cracked screen or to repair a phone dropped in water. The number of water damaged cell phone repairs increases as summer approaches. Here in central Florida, we love our “summer fun” and most people can not set their device down no matter the activity they’re involved in. Accidents are going to happen. This coming summer, if you find yourself with a water damaged phone, there are a couple of facts we would like you to keep in mind:


  • When the device gets wet it is designed to shut itself off until an experienced technician can repair it. The chances of that repair being successful depends on the following:


  • Getting the device wet is not the main problem. The combination of air, liquid, metal and electricity interacting with each other will form rust and corrosion on the inside of the device. Even a small amount of water, liquid or moisture can begin to ruin your mobile phone or tablet so it’s important to act quickly.


  • DO NOT PLUG YOUR PHONE IN! Turning the device on or connecting it to its charger causes two main things to happen inside the device that can seriously damage it. First, the moisture will cause the electricity to go places inside the device it should not go which shocks and damages internal parts of the device. Second the already formed corrosion heats up and gets burned onto crucial components of the main computer board inside. Most of the time this heated corrosion cannot be removed and renders the device too expensive to repair or not repairable at all. If you’ve dropped your phone in water, resist trying to fix it yourself, bring it by one of our two locations immediately, we’ve got you covered!


  • The faster you get us the device the greater its chance of survival will be.  Remember, rust and corrosion begin to form the moment the air metal and water meet inside your device. The faster we can get the moisture out the better chance it has of survival.

Every day we get devices in our shop that have been exposed to liquid or dropped in water. Most of the time it was only a small amount of water that got spilled on the device and it “seemed to be working fine” afterward. Little did the owner know that corrosion had been slowly forming on the inside and has been gradually taking over and damaging the inside components. Even just a little moisture can seriously damage your device if left untreated. The corrosion begins the moment it is exposed to liquid and slowly spreads inside, shutting down one feature at a time.

One of the most common mistakes is to put your device in a bag filled with rice to soak up all of the moisture inside it. This process takes weeks to get all of the liquid out… all while the air, metal and liquid are still working together to form corrosion inside your phone. If your device comes in contact with any liquid, no matter how little, it’s best to play it safe and bring it by for a quick cleaning. At All Cell Repairs we can take care of this process in about an hour, and costs around $40.00. This is a small price to pay when facing the cost of replacement, which can be in the thousands depending on the type of device you have. Even if you have insurance, liquid damage is usually not covered without pricey deductibles.

As summer approaches remember us during your “summer fun” and stop by for a cleaning if you even suspect your device has been exposed to water.