New Upcoming Cellphones to Be On the Lookout For

The evolution of smartphones is an exciting race. With renowned brands and manufacturers continuing their series and lines and new, emerging brands bringing out their best innovative side in smartphones to enter the competitive market, there are always new upcoming cellphones to be excited about. Let’s look at the latest upcoming phones that have us excited!

HTC One M9

Successor to M8, the M9 by HTC is a gorgeous phone and fills out all the flaws and misses of the HTC One M8, making it quite perfect. The design is like the M8 but it is sleeker and more attractive. The 5-inch full HD display remains the same, but that’s hardly anything to complain about. 3GB RAM, powerful processing, and sharp cameras, the HTC One M9 is one beautiful device.

Galaxy S6 Edge

We all know about the S6, in line next to Galaxy S5 but the S6 Edge takes the “edge” feature from the curved corner approach of Note 4, curving the screen delicately. The edge does not have too much regarding function and feature favorite callers, but the phone’s metal body, unique curve, and powerful functions, the phone conquers all.


Not much is still known about the new phone by LG but some revealed details and pictures show a very satisfying phone indeed. As far as looks go, it will have a slight curved back, a full screen feature, and will stand at probably 5.5 inches.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Now as far as all phones go in the market, Lumia is not the most powerful or best device but it is amazingly cheap and the best of Microsoft yet so it automatically deserves some recognition. The Lumia 640 XL has a 5.7” screen and has some very good features like interesting camera. The device runs on Windows 8.1.

Sony Xperia Z4

One of the most anticipated devices (following the success of Z3), yet there is very little to be known about this predicted device. We can, however, predict a better screen resolution, front-facing speakers, and better front and back cameras. While these features and updates sound hardly exciting, we are sure Sony has something up its sleeve for the exclusive Xperia Z4.