Blackberry Curve: ring tones, sounds, and alerts Troubleshooting

My device is ringing or vibrating more times than expected

For calls, the number of times that your BlackBerry® device vibrates is not determined by the number of vibrations that you set in your sound profile, and there is no setting for the number of rings if you do not subscribe to voice mail. Your device vibrates or rings until the caller or the wireless network ends the connection.

My device is not ringing or vibrating when I receive a call or message

Try performing the following actions:
On the Home screen, click the Sounds icon. Verify that your sound profile is not set to either All Alerts Off or Silent.
If you have assigned a ring tone or alert to a specific contact, on the Home screen, click the Sounds icon. Click Set Contact Alerts.
Click the contact alert. Click Phone or Messages. Verify that the Volume field is not set to Silent and the Vibration field is not set
to Off.