Blackberry Icons and What They Mean

To open Quick Settings, swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger.
Item Description
Screen Brightness
Adjust the screen brightness.
Wi-FiConnect to Wi-Fi networks.
BluetoothConnect to Bluetooth enabled devices.
Invert colorsSwitch between black text on a white background and white text on a
black background.
Mobile network icon• View your service provider name and connection status.
• Quickly access your data usage information.
Airplane ModeTurn all wireless connections on or off.
Auto-rotateWhen displayed, your screen rotates automatically between portrait and
landscape mode when you turn your device.
PortraitWhen displayed, your screen remains in portrait mode even when you
rotate your device.
FlashlightTurn the flashlight on or off.
LocationTurn location services on or off.
Cast screenSet up devices to share your screen wirelessly on an external display.
Battery saverTurn Battery saver mode on or off.
Data usage• See your data usage stats.
• Adjust or access mobile data settings.
• Receive a notification when you reach specified data limits.
MoreCustomize your device settings for Airplane mode, NFC (if supported),
mobile hotspots, and more.
Display• Adjust the screen brightness and color balance.
• Set your wallpaper.
• Set the length of time before your device goes to sleep and what the wake-up gestures do.
• Choose how your open apps are displayed.
• Change your font size.
• Customize your rotation settings.
• Set options for sharing your device screen with external devices.
• Set plug-in actions.
Swipe shortcutsAssign shortcuts to specific gestures.
Sound & notification• Change ringtones and notification sounds.
• Adjust media and notification volume.
• Prioritize or block notifications.
• Customize audio and visual notifications for specific apps.
Storage• View available storage space on your device and media card.
• Set up access to the files stored on your device, including USB
• Format your media card and delete data from your media card.
Battery• Turn Battery saver mode on or off.
• Customize settings such as screen brightness and display to help extend battery life.
• View your usage details by date and time.
Apps• Monitor apps that are using your device memory.
• View and sort all apps on your device.
• Select the location for installing apps.
Users• Add individual user profiles to your device.
• Customize the settings for user and guest profiles.
• Switch between user profiles.
Tap & pay (if available)• Add a payment app and choose which app is the default for payments.
• Use NFC technology at payment terminals to pay for your purchases.
Advanced interactionsTurn specific gestures on or off that allow you to perform simple tasks more quickly.
Location• Choose whether apps can use your location information.
• Clear recent location requests that you entered in map apps.
• Choose different modes to identify your location.
Security• Set up options for screen locking.
• Add a message or owner info to your lock screen.
• Encrypt your device data.
• Set up your device to use a smart card.
• Change permissions for installing apps and device administrators.
• Install and clear certificates.
• Turn screen pinning on or off.
Accounts• Add or change email accounts.
• Turn the option to sync your accounts automatically on or off.
Language & input• Change the language your device uses.
• Customize settings for spell checker and add words to your personal dictionary.
• Change keyboard types and keyboard settings.
• Set different voice and text-to-speech options.
Backup & reset• Turn the option to back up data to the cloud on or off.
• Set up cloud accounts for backing up your data.
• Turn the option to restore your data automatically on or off.
• Delete your device data.
DiagnosticsTurn the option to share diagnostic and usage data on or off.
Date & timeChange the time zone, time, and date.
Accessibility•Customize settings, such as magnification, large text, spoken passwords, and more.
• Set up Google Talkback.
• Change text-to-speech output options.
• Turn color inversion and correction options on or off.
Printing• Add mobile printing apps.
• Preview and print the content of certain screens.
About phone• Find general information about your device, such as hardware
information, network details, and battery level.
• Identify you software version and model.
• Check for system updates.