Blackberry PRIV Troubleshooting: Locks

How do I reset my screen lock if I forget it?

For security reasons, the only way that you can reset your screen lock without knowing the password, PIN, picture password, or pattern is to delete all of your device data. You can typically do this by entering an incorrect screen lock ten times. You can also reset your device to its factory settings.

If you add your Google ™ account to your device, the factory reset protection feature is turned on. To set up your device again, you must add the same Google™ account. If you don’t use the same Google™ account, you can’t complete the setup process.

Smart Lock doesn’t unlock my device as expected

Try any of the following
If your device doesn't unlock when you scan your face, try to improve the image Smart Lock uses to recognize your face. Tap > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted face > Improve face matching.
Adjust the distance between your BlackBerry device and a trusted Bluetooth enabled device. The distance of a Bluetooth connection can vary depending on your BlackBerry device model and the Bluetooth enabled device.
If your device remains unlocked when it is close to a trusted location instead of when you are at the trusted location, try improving the accuracy of the trusted location. Delete the trusted location. Tap > Location > Mode. Tap High accuracy or Battery saving, and then add the trusted location again. Your device might detect a trusted location outside of the physical walls of a building, such as your house. Smart Lock might keep your device unlocked when it is within an 80-meter radius of a trusted location.
You might need to unlock your device using your screen lock the first time you connect to a trusted device or arrive at a trusted location.