Boost The Life Of Your Samsung Ultra Touch With Samsung AB533640BU Battery

The new Samsung Ultra Touch showcases a redefined design with style and technology. It is a full touch cell phone with a sliding out numeric keypad. The display screen of the phone is 2.8 inches that allows the user to have a clear view of the videos and pictures. It is also well-equipped with advanced features. It is a phone with 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity. In addition to all these advanced features, the cell phone is also supported by a powerful AB533640BU battery that is capable of supporting the features of the cell phone for longer periods.

The battery supports the features of the device for extended hours but it might happen that the features of the cell phone consume it at a much faster rate and leave you with a dead battery. This might really be frustrating if you are in need of the battery. To overcome such situations you should keep yourself updated with the several tricks that can conserve the life of the battery for several hours. Here is a list of very effective measures that can help you in conserving the life of the battery for long hours.

  • There are many features of the cell phone that can juice up the battery life. But the most common feature includes the connectivity options like the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These features are used more often with the tendency of leaving them on after use. These options should be turned off as they are very active in eating up the battery life.
  • The next feature that extracts the battery life is the brightness level of the screen. The cell phones support more colors and brightness and hence increase the burden on the battery. So, you should lower down the brightness level and enjoy long battery life.
  • The users are also attracted towards the animated wall papers but these live wall papers also use the battery of the phone even when it is not in use. So, if you are facing a low battery situation, use a less bright and simple background.
  • You can also switch off the notification alerts like message tone, caller tune, warning tones etc. this can also save your battery to a considerable amount.

Batteries are the life line of the cell phones. So, you need to charge them regularly in order to enjoy its functions for extended periods. In troublesome situations you can also follow the above discussed simple guidelines and keep yourself connected to your family and friends.