Cell Phone Security and Protection for Kids

So kids are getting iPhones for their birthdays now-a-days. Okay, but what happens when they break this expensive and vulnerable investment? A subsidized model can cost a parent anywhere from $100 to $300, and sometimes even up to 400 or 500 dollars; just for a phone and a simple two-year contract! Now think about this: this $100 to 500 dollar investment can end up costing a parent as much as $800 to repair or replace if the phone is damaged and uninsured! This is why cell phone security and protection is worth considering; especially if you have already decided to get your kid a smartphone. Continue reading to learn options for protecting your child’s cell phone, and secure your costly investment.

Cell Phone Protection

Here are the two main threats to your child’s cell phone: water and gravity. This means it is most likely that your kid drops their phone in water, or on the ground, causing it instant injury. The thing is, standard phone warranties are smart enough to not cover water and accident damages for phones. This means you are responsible, and must pay out-of-pocket, for the damages and replacement of the phone. Here’s how to avoid these kinds of damages and costly expenses: shock-resistant water-proof phone cases. You can buy these at almost every retail store or phone provider. They are rubber-like cases that truly protect a phone from a drop on the ground, to a drop in the toilet. Get this case if you want your kid’s smartphone to survive the summer.

Another means to protecting your kids’ cell phones is to protect the glass as well. Even if you buy a case for your teen’s phone doesn’t mean they will actually use it all the time. This especially reigns true for those fashionistas and couture-conscience kiddos. Once they remove the case, and drop their phone, the glass is sure to instantly shatter. By adding glass protection, you can prevent this accident most of the time. Glass protection just means buying screen protectors. These are clear and invisible, and protect the outer surface of a cell phone. If dropped, it prevent the screen from breaking into a thousand pieces.

The best option for cell phone protection is to purchase insurance. If you cannot afford additional phone insurance, then you probably shouldn’t be buying your child a smartphone to begin with. Consider phone insurance part of the initial cost of buying a smartphone. If your phone breaks and you do not have insurance, contact a local Cell Phone Repair Company for assistance.