How to Find Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

“Don’t cry over the spilled milk.” Have you ever heard of this well-known proverb? It tells you that it is useless to regret for some mistakes which had been done (deleting valuable text messages from your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android phone, for instance), and what you need to do is learning from them and never making same mistakes in your life. As a matter of fact, if you really did the error mentioned, you don’t have to cry over it, because nowadays you are able to find the deleted text messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android phone with the assistance of all sorts of Android phone data recovery tools. And this text will show you how to do it by elaborating the usage of an app called iSunshare Android Data Genius.

Firstly, download and install it on your PC.

Secondly, connect your phone to your computer, and start the app to find the text messages in the phone.

More clearly speaking, connect the two devices by means of a USB cable, and the app will automatically detect your Android phone through the computer if everything goes on well. After a short period of time, the contacts and messages will be found by it.

Tips: Suppose you encounter the following prompt information which indicates the app cannot detect and load data from the phone, you are suggested to solve the problems one by one.

“Cannot load data from Android phone, please:

  1. If you’ve not installed the drive, please Install Drive.
  2. Make sure device enables USB Debugging (Setting>>Applications>>Development>>USB debugging).
  3. Make sure you’ve got ROOT access on your Android phone.”

Accordingly, you can:

  1. Go to install a drive for your phone if it hasn’t been installed in your computer. For example, you can download “SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.33.0.exe” and install it.
  2. Turn on USB debugging in your phone. The app provides you with a way to enable it in Android 2.3 or earlier versions. However, for different Android versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the methods to turn on USB debugging are as follows.

Way 1: Settings>>Developer options>>USB debugging (applicable in Android 3.0- Android 4.1)

Way 2: Settings>>About device/phone>>Build number (clicking continuously until the phone system informs you that you are under developer mode)>>Settings>>Developer options>>USB debugging (applicable in Android 4.2 or later versions)

Way 3: Root your phone with a root tool.

Step 3: Select the text messages you would like to find back from the deleted and save them in your PC.

Because this app will select all contacts and messages in the Android phone by default, so you need to uncheck the box before android phone to unselect Contacts and Message first. Then, click Message to open all messages including the deleted and the existing, choose the items from the deleted (represented by red color) and tap Recover to save them in your PC.

When finishing these three steps, the deleted text messages in your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android phone are found with ease and success.