Learn How to Fix Your Frozen Cell Phone in Just Minutes!

Does Your Mobile Phone Freeze Up On You? Is It Operating Unusually? Learn How to Fix Your Frozen Cell Phone Yourself, in Just Minutes!

Most often, when a person is using their phone and suddenly the screen seems to lock up and freeze, their initial reaction is to start tapping the refresh button, or all other buttons, a few too many times. Does this sound like something that has happened to you? It’s never fun when our cell phone screens freeze up when we are using them. And why do they seem to always freeze on us just as we need them the most? Well if your phone gives you grief everyone and again, you will love what’s coming next! Fortunately, there is an easy way to repair a frozen cell phone by all by yourself! Jump in and learn a few quick and simple DIY cell phone repair tips below, and be prepared for the next time your cell phone screen freezes up.

Steps to Fixing a Frozen Cell Phone Screen

  1. Turn Off Cell Phone Using Power Button–If Phone Will Not Power Off, Refer to Second Step.
  2. Remove Back Panel Exposing Battery—It Is Not Necessary to Remove Memory/Sim Cards.
  3. Drain Remaining Power From Phone Battery. To Do This, Press & Hold Power Button for 10 Seconds.
  4. Replace Battery & Back Panel.
  5. Press Power Button to Turn Phone Back On.
  6. Phone Screen Should Be Unfrozen and Functional Now.
  7. If Phone is Still Operating Abnormally, Call an Indianapolis Cell Phone Repair Company for Assistance.

A mobile phone repair technician can inspect and diagnose any problem with cellular phones and electronic devices. You can have your iPads, personal tablets, iPods, music devices, video game consoles, and more repaired at a cell phone repair company. They can fix or replace broken or cracked cell phone screens, hardware issues, water damage, and more. Be sure to use a reputable and experienced business to handle your cell phone repairs.