Methods To Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

Over the last many years there have been many massive and rapid advances in mobile phone technology and batteries. Initially we used to have normal or black and white screens, and then we had color screens. Now we have digital cameras installed in the mobile phone and camera phones with flashes. The list is never ending and will keep on improving with latest and modern inputs every now and then.

Currently mobile phones features web browser, GPS systems, video players, music players, Bluetooth, MP3 player and various other interesting features. All these latest inventions consume extra power and energy which drains the mobile battery much faster. Although mobile battery technology has highly developed, we have now come upon a phase where we constantly charge our mobile phone battery. The usage of the mobile phone has increased tremendously which is having a direct impact on the mobile phone battery.

I will discuss some of the finer points by which we can enhance the life of the mobile phone battery.

  1. Always turn the screen brightness on your mobile phone to the lowest possible setting. Many mobile phone users are not aware that their cell phones are directly set to the brightest setting by default and this is one of the primary reasons that the mobile phone battery drains a lot faster.
  2. Always switch off the vibrator mode in your cell phone. The vibrator mode in your mobile phone is controlled by an electric motor which drains the power and energy from your mobile phone battery more rapidly than you may recognize.
  3. If there is no need to use the extra advanced features in your mobile phone like the GPS function or the digital camera, don’t use them frequently as these features drain the power and energy from the mobile phone battery much faster.
  4. Turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi. Now a day’s many cell phones have Bluetooth and WiFi permanently installed on their phones. These are a massive drain on the mobile phone battery especially if we realize that we don’t often use Bluetooth and WiFi.
  5. Many cell phones function on 3G network which again is a massive drain on the mobile battery. It is better to switch off the 3G network and just use the GSM network. If like some, you never use any of the 3G functions and just use your cell phone as well, just a phone then switch your cell phone to use GSM only. This will definitely enhance the shelf life of the mobile phone battery by nearly 50%.
  6. Switch the mobile phone off when you are in no coverage area; this will enable the battery to work for few more hours.