Provide Backup To Your LG Cell Phone By LG KF510 Battery

Mobile phones are very useful in troublesome situations like extended trips, accidents, power breakdown or car breakdown. In these situations you in utmost need of your cell phone so as to inform your family and closed ones. But a dead battery at that time can increase the trouble to a great extent. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you carry a recharged battery in spare whenever you are on a journey. Carrying a spare battery allows the users to provide instant power to their handset and get connected to their loved ones. These batteries are highly portable and you do not need to face problems while taking them.

The LG KF510 battery is a standard Li-ion battery with a capacity of 750mAh that supports a voltage of 3.7V. This battery is manufactured by LG to provide back up to their mobile phones. It is capable of just doubling the talk time and the standby time of the mobile phone. The battery is reliable and you can use it without any fear of explosion or fire. This is due to the presence of the built-in chip that prevents the battery from heating.

LG KF510 Battery

This battery is highly compatible with LG models. The battery offers a standby time of 85-180 hours and a talk time of 4 hours.

Key features

  • The battery is a product manufactured by LG and 100% original.
  • It fulfills the satisfaction level of the customers.
  • The battery is based on the Li-ion technology.
  • The battery is free from memory effect and recharges completely to deliver excellent results.
  • High capacity battery with long lasting life.
  • Enhanced talk time and standby time.
  • The in-built microchip prevents the battery from overheating, overcharging and over discharging.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 750 mAh
  • Model No: Kf510
  • Battery Type: Lithium ion
  • Volt: 3.7V
  • Rating: 4 Whr
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 47.08×37.61×6.10mm
  • Weight: 25g

Compatible LG mobile phones – LG KE770, LG KF510, LG KG200, LG KG238 and LG KG275

Tips & Instructions

The users are advised to charge their brand new battery only with an original charger manufactured by the company. The batteries should always be stored in a cool and dry place away from the contact of moisture or fire. To enjoy the ultimate performance, the users should practice the complete charging cycles. This enhances the efficiency of the battery.

LG KF510 can prove to be a high performing battery, if the user takes proper care of it. So, you can power up your LG cell phone with LG KF510 battery.