Some Tricks And Tips For Battery And Charging

The most important accessory for mobile phone is its accessory. Mobile devices such as the Smartphone, iPhone, iPod and other mobile phones need an occasional recharge in order to keep the battery functional. Most of the mobile phones and portable gadgets come equipped with mostly three types of batteries. Those types of mobile batteries include nickel cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and lithium-ion (Li-Ion). In this article we will discuss some recharging tricks to help you get a long-lasting battery life in your mobile device.

Keep Out of Pocket

Try to keep your mobile phone out of your pockets whenever possible. The heat of your body can reduce the battery life of the phone. This should be followed especially by them who are using a mobile phone which is powered with Lithium Ion battery. You should allow your mobile phone to stay in an open and airy place, such as on a table at home or on your desk at work. When you drive, you can keep your mobile phone in an empty cup holder. When you keep your mobile phone in open it ensures that it your mobile battery will not lose its capacity from the heat of your body.


When you recharge your mobile phone then keep it in an open and also in cool environment. Do not charge your mobile phone when the temperature of the room is too hot or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit conditions. Additionally, if you have an extra NiCad, NiMH batteries or lithium-ion, then you can store them in your freezer for future use. This trick will help you in preserving every drop of battery life.

Charge When Completely Discharged

The right way to charge your mobile phone is when your phone battery is completely discharged or about to get empty. If you have a phone that has a feature which indicated the battery life with a percentage gauge, then you should try to charge the device whenever it shows 20 percent or less battery. Be aware that overcharging the mobile battery will drain its life and can also lead to electrical malfunctions in your mobile phone.

Unplug When Done

You should not keep your phone plugged into the charger even after it has reached a stage of full charge. In most of the mobile phone this leads to decrease in overall battery life and also its performance. Leaving your mobile phone or music player plugged for overnight has potential to drain the battery from your phone.